It’s not about you!

Business is about your customers. Sorry to say, but it’s not about you!

Remember your customers? The people who pay you? When you’re self employed, it’s your customers who pay your bills.

Yep, they pay your mortgage. They pay your kids school fees. They pay for your holidays. They pay for the food in your fridge and pantry.

If tomorrow you woke up and you had no customers, you’d have no business.

And no income.


Consider what you do and what you don’t do on a daily basis. Consider what you say and what you don’t say to your customers and your prospects.

Remember, it’s not about you!

Are you giving your customers 100% of what they’re paying for?  What they’ve been promised? What they deserve?

At all times?

Or are you sometimes taking the easy road? Making decisions because it’s what’s most convenient to you? Choosing actions because it’s what you prefer? Only doing the things that are easiest for you.

Remember, it’s not about you.

Do you speak to your customers with empathy? Respect? Compassion? Gratitude?

Are you grateful for your customers? Or do you sometimes feel their questions and constant interactions are an inconvenience?

Have you ever cringed at receiving a customer phone call or email which distracted you from an important task you were in the middle of completing?

Remember, your customers are not a distraction from your daily business  tasks. They’re the reason you have business tasks to complete in the first place!

Everything you do (and don’t do). Everything you say (or don’t say) will have an effect on your customer satisfaction. Remember… it’s not about you.


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