28 Day Successful Sales Challenge

Learn how and why people buy so you can avoid the common selling mistakes and sky rocket your conversions!




You put so much into your marketing. It takes time, effort and money to connect with a potential new customer. The last thing you want it to lose them to the competition right?

When you understand the fundamentals behind how and why customers buy, you can significantly increase your conversions and improve your bottom line.


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In this course you will be taken through a series of 28 common mistakes made in sales. These mistakes are what turn customers away. These mistakes are what send your customers straight to your competition!

Each day of the Challenge, you’ll be taken through an explanation of one mistake plus examples.

At the end of each lesson you’ll have a daily challenge which will help you increase your understanding of each mistake and improve your skills for the future.


You will learn:

  • how to connect with customers more effectively.
  • how to convert leads into customers more reliably.
  • to improve your mindset around sales.
  • to have more confidence in your conversations with leads.
  • how to give your customer the right solution so they buy.
  • what customers need from you in order to allow them to buy.
  • how you can overcome common objections.
  • the price actually doesn’t matter!



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The 28 Day Successful Sales Challenge is designed to help you better understand how and why people buy.

Over the course, you’ll learn 28 mistakes you’re making which prevent customers buying from you.

You’ll learn what’s happening in each situation, together with examples and a daily challenge task to improve your skills and refine your approach for your specific business.

No longer will you wonder why more customer aren’t buying from you! Most importantly, you will learn why you are turning customers away and sending them straight to your competitors.


But there’s no need to panic because I’m going to help you turn that around.

Over the next 28 lessons, you’ll receive a challenge to be completed per day, where one of the common sales mistakes is explained.

You will be given examples and a daily challenge to complete to help you refine your skills and apply them to your business.


What you will get:


  • 28 days worth of  training — includes detailed explanation of the common mistakes made in sales and why these mistakes drive customers away
  • Real examples — these real life examples will help you relate each mistake to the real world
  • A daily challenge — with each day’s training you’ll receive a challenge task to help you hone your skills and apply what you’ve learnt to your own business
  • 28 days of email support — if you have any questions along the way, you can email me any time
  • Lifetime access to the lessons and challenges — come back to them at any time to refine your skills and constantly improve your conversations.



Once you purchase you’ll get immediate access. Your 28 day Successful Sales Challenge can begin THE SAME DAY. You’ll be one step ahead of your competition immediately.

In just 28 days you’ll have a new approach and brand new skills to apply to sky rocket your conversions and grow your business!


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Does any of this sound familiar?


You work hard to build your business and develop awesome products. You put your heart and soul into your programs and services. You invest time, effort and money into running ads, promoting yourself and trying to get your business noticed.


You finally start seeing results and customers start contacting you or visiting your business. You spend time with them. You tell them all about who you are, what you do and how your product or service is special and unique. You feel like everything is going well and you get excited at the prospect of new business.


And then… crickets. Silence. You never hear from them again. What did you do wrong?


It’s such a common situation. Almost every business owner I have ever worked with has had the same frustration at one point or another. Heck, in the early days I had the same experiences all the time.


Mastering your role in the buying process is as simple as understanding how and why people buy. It’s likely you are making quite a few of the mistakes I cover in the 28 Day Successful Sales Challenge. I want to help you understand what’s going wrong and help you improve your skills to sky rocket your conversions and improve your bottom line.


Here are some of the most common mistakes you’re making:


  • You’re not talking their language – get this wrong and you’ll lose them immediately
  • You assumed they weren’t interested because they didn’t buy right away – how do you know when they’re interested?
  • You asked the wrong types of questions – so what are the right questions?
  • You assumed the price was a factor – it wasn’t!
  • You didn’t hear their buying signals – many buying signals actually sound like objections. Do you know the difference?
  • You didn’t understand what people need before they can buy from you – there are seven things a customer needs!

What have you got to lose? (except your next customer!) 

Start the challenge TODAY!


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