Create success for your small business

Would you like to take your business success from ordinary to extraordinary?

I can help.

Hi I’m Lisa. I’m passionate about working with small business owners and emerging entrepreneurs like you. I want to help you master a success mindset and teach you the business fundamentals which will help you create success for your small business.

My aim is to inspire you to think bigger, motivate you to push harder and educate you to be able to achieve the success you want.

This is how I can help you create success for your small business:

Achieve a success mindet


create success for your small business

Improve your mindset and unleash your ultimate potential

goal setting overcoming hurdles

Learn how to set more ambitious goals

Overcome self imposed hurdles and conquer your self doubt

Master business fundamentals


lauch a startup business

Learn up to 9 ways to grow your business with what you already have

Improve sales conversions

Improve sales conversions by learning how and why people buy

low cost marketing

Learn low and no cost local marketing strategies and networking ideas


… and so much more.


YES! I want to create more success NOW

Why am I different to other coaches?

I’m different to other coaches because I know what it takes to achieve extraordinary levels of success. I have lived it myself as an elite athlete and as a World Champion. As a high performance coach, I’ve helped others achieve world class success also. I understand success. I know what it takes to achieve it and I know how to get the best out of people.

I’ll be your business coach but I’ll be more than that. I’ll help you master business fundamentals and I’ll be an external set of eyes to see the opportunities in your business you can’t see.

But what I’ll do differently is help you identify the potential you have within. The potential you probably don’t know you have.

There’s an important missing link between learning skills and achieving business success. I can teach you that missing link.

If everyone who learnt the skills required for business became successful, there’d be millions of successful business operators. But there’s not. In fact, only 20 percent of small businesses will taste success. The remaining 80 percent will fail within their first five years.

Why is that?

It’s something that most people don’t know about and it’s the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. It’s what separates champions from everyone else.

I know what it is and I will show you how to achieve it.

So… let’s chat! 


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