Have a good one!

“Have a good one” — how wonderfully Aussie!

This morning as I bought my coffee from one of my favourite coffee shops at my local shopping centre, the young barista passed my take away cup over the counter and said to me “have a good one!”.

What an wonderfully Aussie thing to say!

It wouldn’t be so strange in suburban Melbourne except for the fact the cafe happens to be run by a gorgeous Vietnamese family.  It was a beautiful thing hearing “have a good one!” delivered in a thick Vietnamese accent.

It got me thinking.

Fear of being able to adapt or change or cope with new challenges is something that holds so many people back from trying new things. It prevents so many people from reaching their potential. So many people doubt their ability to push themselves. Yet here is a perfect example of someone who has made his home in a new country, not only learned a new language but totally embraced the slang. He adapted and he’s rocking it!

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have a good one how wonderfully aussie

The ultimate machine

The human body is one of the most adaptable, capable and complex machines in this universe. Humans, in general, are the worst operators of these machines. The potential we utilise compared to the capability we have, is minimal. So many people are floating through this existence without ever knowing just how much they are able to achieve.

You are designed to adapt. There is adaptation going on every day. Immigrants, like my Vietnamese friend, adapt to a new culture and a new language. Athletes adapt to their latest training routines. Musicians adapt as they learn a new song. Babies adapt to their growing bodies.


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Businesses adapt as technology advances. Economies adapt to supply and demand. Governments adapt to societal needs. Politicians adapt to popular demand.


A reason to adapt

You just have to give yourself a reason to adapt. You have to put yourself out there and challenge yourself. It’s scary but you’ll adapt.

You need to seek new adventures. Set big goals and try new things. you need to take a few risks. You’re not the same person you were yesterday. Every day you’re adapting to the world around you. You’re adapting without even knowing it. Yet so many people don’t believe they’re capable of adapting.


Have a good one!


Challenging yourself is uncomfortable, but that’s how you adapt the quickest. The thing is, it doesn’t matter what’s on the other side of a challenge or change you’re facing because if you’re open and willing, you will learn, you will grow and you will adapt. Before long, the scary will be familiar and the unknown will be common place.

Just like my Vietnamese barista, embrace what’s around you. Dive in head first to every opportunity. Take the chance and step off the ledge into the unknown. You might just find it’s easier than you thought to fly!


Before long, the scary will be familiar and the unknown will be common place. Click To Tweet


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