A marketing strategy to help your business appeal to more customers

The generous friend

As a business owner, you have to take a generous approach with your marketing strategy. Asking people to buy from you all the time, without giving them anything else in return, is like having a friend and only ever speaking to them when you want them to come to your birthday party, just so that you can get one more present.

Would you want to be that person’s friend?

Me either.

Or would you prefer a generous friend who helps you when you are in need? Solves your problems? Answers your questions? Supports you? Encourages you? Motivates you?

Inspires you?

Business is a two way street.

Your marketing strategy has to have plenty of give before you take. If you want someone to buy from you, ask yourself “what have I done for them lately?”

Getting a customer is a huge privilege. A customer does not owe you, in fact you owe them. You owe it to them to be the generous friend, not the greedy, selfish friend. You’re asking them to choose you. Asking them and to spend their hard earned dollars with your business.

You’re asking them to choose you over someone else.

Make sure you are the generous friend!

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2 Replies to “A marketing strategy to help your business appeal to more customers”

  1. What a great idea! I guess this is why freebies, extra rewards, bonuses, etc are so popular. I’m writing an ebook devotional that I hope to sell someday. What might be a good way to be a generous friend as I’m promoting and selling it?

    1. Congratulations Alex! One way to be generous while aiming to sell a product is to share information about yourself – your passion, your reason for writing the ebook, your experiences, what you’ve learnt etc. Let your audience get to know you! Then you might offer a mini ebook or a printable tip sheet for free containing the first chapter only, or the first 2 tips for example. This brings the reader in so they can see if the content resonates with them and helps them with their problem. If they connect with the content, they will then purchase the full ebook. All the very best. 🙂

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