Personal Success – how do you define success?

Success is not a single destination

Personal success is something very unique to you and it’s a journey filled with ups and downs, good and bad, highs and lows. It is actually a state of achievement that is as individual to you as your personality. Your version of success is very different to mine and probably very different to your family, your friends, your colleagues and your boss.

You can find personal success anywhere and it’s not a single destination. One of the keys to personal success is finding fulfillment in daily wins. Success needs to be a journey and not a single destination.

Personal success is not about being rich and powerful

When I say the word “success”, do you think of people who are rich and/or powerful? If you do, it’s not surprising. Interestingly, when those who are held up as society’s ultimate examples of success, they have different things to say.

Serial entrepreneur, world adventurer and founder of the Virgin group of companies, Richard Branson, believes success is about happiness.

“Too many people measure how successful they are by how much money they make or the people that they associate with,” he wrote on LinkedIn. “In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.”

Your definition of personal success

How you define personal success throughout your life will change. As a child, you viewed success in a very different way to when you were a teenager. Your version of success as a parent is going to be different to your interpretation of success as a single person focused on your career.

It’s important to be clear on your version of success and how it is relative to your current stage in life. As your life changes, and as your circumstances evolve, you need to be prepared to reassess what success means to you.  It will change. Wwhat does success mean to you today?  If you are working under the expectation of reaching someone else’s version of success each day, you will find fulfillment is hard to achieve. When you chase someone else’s dreams, you may end up living in a world of frustration and resentment.

Personal success is as individual to you as your personality. Share on X

What does success mean to you?

Which version of success is yours (you may have a combination of a few of these)?

  • Debt free
  • Happy / content / fulfilled
  • Big bank balance
  • High income
  • Well-liked
  • Respected
  • Famous
  • Top of your field
  • Well traveled
  • Good relationships with partner, family and friends
  • Work / life balance
  • Fancy car
  • Achieving / following your dreams

Align your goals with your version of personal success in order to achieve your best life. Be clear on your version of success as you set your own personal goals and seek to understand the version of success of those in your life.


Success is a very personal thing
Success is a very personal thing

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