It’s time to re-assess your ambitious goals

Do you have big goals for your life? Are your goals based around something that you want to achieve or something that you want to have for yourself?

It’s time to scrap those goals and here’s why.

Hear me out. Goals are great. But here’s the problem.

Most people set goals based on some ambitious outcome that they’d like to work towards. A goal, by its very nature, is usually something that has not yet been achieved or something that has not yet been acquired. In setting a goal, there has to be some level of positive expectation attached to it.

A likely potential gain of some sort.

But that’s not always the case. Most people set a goal, make a plan and then they work their butts off to achieve that goal. They put in extra time and make huge sacrifices.

And the process of working towards that goal (whether or not the goal is achieved in the end) can result in stress, heartbreak, relationship breakdown, worry, illness or even financial ruin.

If and when that goal is reached, does it always bring happiness? The answer is no.

Why is that?

A goal in itself is not enough. The reason to work towards a goal is for what that goal is going to mean for you and your life. It’s not about the goal, it’s about the meaning that goal has for you; how it will make you feel to achieve it.

If you could wake up tomorrow and change everything that wasn’t working, everything that caused you stress, everything that upsets you and everything you’re doing in your life that you don’t like, what would that feel like?

The important thing to realise is that you must stop going after goals just because it seems like a good thing to go after or just because others are working towards that same goal. Instead of setting goals based on what you want to have, or what you would like to accomplish, set goals based on how you want to feel as a result.

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