Fill the gap

Achieving success really is a simple process. Work out where you’re at right now. Identify where you want to be. Fill the gap.

Ok, so there’s a few steps in between that I’ve missed but essentially that’s the gist of it. The problem is most people think they want success, but are not willing to do what’s it takes to fill the gap!

And that’s the harsh truth.

The reason that only a few select people achieve extraordinary success in a given field is not talent or ability. These people are not more worthy and do not deserve success any more than you.

There are literally millions of incredibly talented people who live mediocre lives. And some of the most amazing feats on this planet have been accomplished by very ordinary people.

Call it what you will – determination, guts, motivation, resilience, backbone, bravado, conviction, courage, spunk, tenacity.

Everyone has it. Only a few select people use it, and these are the people who enjoy success on a level that the rest can only wish for.

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