Your ideal customer

The other day Mr 12 and Mr 17 were having a discussion about the car Mr 17 was hoping to buy when he turns 18.

“If you get one of those cars which look like a mini funeral car (he was referring to a wagon), I’ll disown you as my brother!” said Mr 12.

After picking myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, my business brain identified that clearly Mr 12 is not the ideal customer avatar for a car brand trying to promote their newest style wagon.

A critical aspect of building a successful business is knowing who your ideal customer is. Trying to market to the masses is fruitless and frustrating.

A successful business knows their purpose, knows their product or service, they know their ideal customer and their pain or problem and they market specifically to that niche audience.

Know your customer – When you try and cater to everyone, you will end up serving no-one.

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