Can’t stop overthinking? Hey overthinker — Stop doing that!

The overthinker

Are you a classic overthinker? You know… you have a simple decision to make, but you think it through for so long, you end up making no decision at all. You need to take action, but before you decide on the right steps to take, you run every scenario through your head. You tie yourself up in knots so tight that you can’t break free to move even one step forward.

You think about all the reasons why you shouldn’t do it or why it might go wrong. You think about the good, the bad and the ugly and you tell yourself you need to wait for just the right time. You can’t start because you think you’re not ready. You hold off until you can do more research. You make the excuse you can’t start because your plan isn’t perfect yet. You procrastinate because… well just because you’re too busy overthinking to get started.

Can’t stop overthinking? The time will never be right

I’m here to tell you, stop doing that! The time will never be right. There will always be good, bad and ugly to contend with. You’ll never be more ready than you are now. As an overthinker, you could spend days, weeks or even months making plans. You probably believe you’ll be better off in the future than you are today. Plans are important but every good plan will need tweaking along the way, regardless of how intricate and well thought out it is. Research is helpful but no amount of research can replace experience.


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Overthinking is exhausting

Being an overthinker is a sure way to fatigue and anxiety. Studies have even shown that overthinkers can be susceptible to depression and anxiety disorders. Overthinkers often have trouble sleeping. They tend to not be able to switch off from what’s on their mind. It’s common for overthinkers to be perfectionists and to second guess themselves constantly.



If you’re an overthinker, remember that no-one is perfect, not even you! A great piece of advice that I was once given is that the decisions you make are always the best ones for you, at that time. So trust yourself and take a chance. Make a decision, believe in yourself and take one step at a time.


Can't stop overthinking? Hey overthinker.... stop doing that!

21 Replies to “Can’t stop overthinking? Hey overthinker — Stop doing that!”

  1. Loved this! I used to overthink my overthinking, well, still do sometimes…It is super exhausting and it just makes you feel like you’re drowning in a glass of water. Hardly anything good comes from overthinking. Thanks for sharing this! I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

    1. Thanks Andrea, I love your explanation that you used to overthink your overthinking! A great moment of clarity for you I hope 🙂

    1. You’re welcome Kayte. Yes I love that saying – it makes sense because why would you make a decision that you didn’t think was the best one. It is always the right decision in the moment – it might not be the right decision in 10 seconds time, or in a days time, or in a month, or a year, but at that very moment it was right for you. So always give yourself a break and simply be willing to learn from any mistakes you end up discovering along the way.

  2. I am one of those people! Too often I back out of doing something because I overthink it. I have terrible anxiety, and I overthink anything and everything. I work everyday at stopping my overthinking, with little progress so far. It’s a start, though!

    1. Progress not perfection Jessica! If you’ve made a start that’s brilliant. One step at a time xx

  3. You described me to a tee!
    I let myself down and those waiting for the decision down!
    I need to just let what feels right ‘TO ME’ to be my guidence.

    Xx Angela

  4. One thing that helps me is making a pros/cons list. I can visually see what is turning over and over in my mind. Putting it on paper alleviates so much struggle, and enables me to make an informed decision. Thanks for sharing this post!

  5. This is so inspiring and it serves as a great reminder to not overthink things. I’m still working on it, but I think it became easier to me in the past couple of years. I’m still learning to trust myself! 🙂

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

    1. That’s fantastic Sabina! Always trust yourself as that instinct you have knows more than you might think 🙂

  6. I have been struggling with overthinking for quite sometime and I must confess that not only is it exhaustful but it will always leave you on hamster wheels. You won’t do anything or move forward.
    I’m glad that I’m breaking loose from those chains gradually.

    Thanks for the awesome post.

    1. Thanks Alex yes the hampster wheel analogy is a good one. You’ll most likely not get anything perfect the first time you try so limit your overthinking and just taking one small step. Success comes from trial and error and many adjustments along the way so being ok with not getting it right first up is important.

  7. I am definitely an overthinker and it does cause anxiety issues. I’m always looking for a “better” solution and second-guessing myself. It’s a work in progress but now if I catch myself overthinking a decision, I force myself to go with my first idea or choice.
    Thanks for your insight!

    1. Thanks for sharing that insight Angel. You’ve hit on something very powerful for yourself. You have to be willing to make a choice in order to take action and that’s where overthinking can be troublesome. Try something, assess, adapt and then make changes and improvements along the way! All the best 🙂

  8. “You’ll never be more ready than now”….and, “No amount of research can replace experience.” Thank you for the great reminders!

    1. You’re very welcome Nancy! I hope you can reflect on these thoughts the next time you catch yourself overthinking too much!

    1. Thaks Camesha, yes I love that thought too. I can’t remember who said it to me but the premise was that whatever choice you make in the moment is the right one for you at that moment in time – it may turn out to be the wrong choice in 10 seconds (like choosing to cross the street without seeing a car coming), it may be the wrong decision in a day (like responding emotionally to an email and then regretting what you wrote) or it may turn out to be the wrong decision in a month or a year, (like choosing the wrong university or college degree). At the time though, you always chose what you think is right for you in the moment – otherwise you wouldn’t make that choice!

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