Awesomeness is everywhere

This morning I did my workout at the 1000 steps at Mt Dandenong in Melbourne’s east, which I love to do as often as I get the chance. It’s simply a beautiful place to be.

As a fitness leader in the community and a fitness and health professional, it was wonderfully inspiring this morning to really take notice of how many people, different people, were together in one place with one common goal.

It is a unique, rare encounter to be part of something like that.

Different ages, both sexes, adults, kids, babies, singles, couples, families, different ethnicities, all types of languages, a vast range of fitness levels and abilities, some cruising, some panting, some having to stop and rest and regular intervals.

Each person had their own personal goal, they were facing their own challenges, battling their own unspoken demons.

There was a sense of unity, peace, cameraderie amongst these strangers, all who shared the same common individual goal of getting to the top of those blasted steps!

People truly are fantastic when they want to be. Awesomeness is everywhere. Make a point to look for it every now and again.

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