7 ways to be more productive

  1. Prioritise – make a ‘must do’ list each day. If it doesn’t need to be done by the time you get into bed tonight, leave it until tomorrow / next week. When you have extra free time, then you can focus on getting ahead.
  2. Focus on today –keep your focus on today’s tasks. Worrying about tomorrow or the future is futile and simply distracts you from maximising your efficiency in the present moment.
  3. Learn to say no – be realistic about what you can achieve in a day / week. Over scheduling leads to stress, inefficiency and exhaustion which is counter-productive to getting things done.
  4. Learn to delegate – you do not have to do everything yourself. Find ways to delegate tasks to AT’s, partners, office assistant, virtual assistant, members.
  5. Preserve your greatest asset – YOU – Schedule in breaks and make sure you take time out for yourself. A short break every now and then let’s you refresh and recharge your batteries and helps clear your head.
  6. Chunk time – Time chunking has been shown to be an effective time management technique. Time chunking is about setting yourself chunks of time throughout your day to focus on one particular task or set of tasks.
  7. Close down or silence distractions– Turn off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Even checking emails every time you hear the incoming message sound can distract from your efficiency while trying to complete other tasks.

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