Your perfect opportunity

Your perfect opportunity is waiting. Ask yourself 3 questions…

3 questions to ask yourself about your true passion in life:

1. What do you love doing regardless of whether you’re getting paid or not?
2. What would you like to be remembered for when you’re gone?
3. What do you love doing that makes your spirit sing?

3 questions to ask yourself about your skills and talents:

1. What skills have I learnt which I could use to help others?
2. What natural talents do I have that I could use to give benefit to others?
3. What type of people would I love to help with my unique set of skills and talents?

3 questions to ask yourself about the problems people face in their lives:

1. What common problem do people have that I could solve for them?
2. What problem have I had that I have found the answer for myself?
3. What do I have to give that could improve people’s lives or add value to their lives?

At the intersection of your passion, your skills and talents, and a common problem in the community which needs solving, is your perfect opportunity to create a business and the lifestyle of your dreams!

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