Ways to stay focused on your goals in 2018

As you declare you New Years resolutions for 2018 and promise yourself this year will be different and this year you will follow through with your declarations, here are SEVEN tips to help you stay focused on your goals.

In a couple of days time, all around the world people will come together with friends, family and strangers to welcome in and celebrate another new year beginning.

Unfortunately, 99% of people who will make a New Years resolution on 1 January, will not follow through.


Keep your goals realistic

Break your goals into chunks

Link each stepping stone to a motivating driver (Set yourself a reward, withdraw a privilege, set a punishment) what are you motivated by?

Find an accountability partner

Get yourself a coach

Keep the vision top of mind (Create a Vision Board, make your screen saver or phone lock screen your vision)

Say an affirmation each day

Learn something new

quit making excuses





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