The meaning of business

Today’s post is for all the small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs….

So you run a small business. What exactly does being in business mean? What is it that you do? Here is one definition: being in business is the act of trading goods or services with customers, for money

Here is my definition – business is an exchange of value.

Now the whole money thing is interesting. Are your thoughts around being in business anchored in the ideal of money? Are you constantly in fear of not enough money coming in or too much money going out? I know I have been. It’s only natural. Most likely you are in business to make a living. I think it’s probably safe to say most people in business are pretty focused on money. Would it be safe to say then that most people in business would add money somewhere into the definition of business?

Let me ask you this question – if business is all about money, how was business conducted before money was invented? Hmmmmm………

Through history, the art of business was about trade, not money. Once upon a time, there was no such thing as money. People traded goods, food, livestock, grain, fur, cowry shells, beads, weapons, even other people in the act of doing business with another person. The act of business was about trading goods or services of equal value.

Business was about value, not money.

Then along came precious metals such as gold and silver which were highly sought after and became valuable commodities for trade. Coins began being produced and used for trade before paper money, plastic money and now in the 21st century, virtual money in the cloud.

So is business really about money or is it about value? What do you think?

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