Take that job and shove it!

Do you hate your job so much that you could quite happily throw it in tomorrow without a second thought?

Ok! Hold it right there. Step away from the keyboard. Before you hand in your resignation papers, there are a few questions you need to ponder.

What do you want out of your work and your life? Do you need a new job or do you need a new perspective? Is your problem really a job problem or is it actually a YOU problem?

What exactly is the pain point for you? Is the issue you are miserable about going to disappear in a new environment? Is the grass actually going to be greener? Are you 100% sure about that?

Don’t get me wrong. There may actually be a problem outside your control that is making you miserable. Sometimes it is the job – the lack of purpose in the company, the lack of leadership, the lack of inspiration, the lack of autonomy or the poor culture.

However, sometimes it’s your thinking and your perspective. Sometimes everything else going on in your life outside and around your work is influencing how you are seeing your situation and if you put yourself in a new situation, with the same thinking, you’d be no happier.

Moral of the story – a change in thinking may very well change your experience.

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