5 office design tricks to increase productivity

By guest author Arron Hiddleston, contributor at smoothdecorator.com

Inspire and increase productivity

If maintaining peak productivity is difficult in a commercial office, it might seem next to impossible if you work from home. By implementing some simple office design tricks, you can create a work space which will inspire you and increase productivity.

In the digital world, many careers as well as complete industries are transitioning from commercial office spaces to home offices, as the rise of on-demand services grows in popularity.

Whether you’re a work from home freelancer, eCommerce business, writer, designer, lawyer or fitness expert, you’re most likely facing the challenges of maintaining a productive environment when working from your home office.

It’s become of the utmost importance to create a dedicated working space with a peaceful atmosphere which encourages concentration and productivity to help you thrive in the competitive market. Here are the 5 best office design tricks to increase productivity, whether you work from home or the office.

1. Organise your workspace

First and foremost, don’t embrace the clutter, eliminate it. If you’re guilty of saying you thrive in chaos, you may be in a bit of denial. More often than not, you’re afraid of letting go of things you don’t need or which don’t contribute to productivity. If you want to make your home office a powerhouse of productivity and success, you first need embrace the fact that you’ll work, concentrate, and feel better in an organized setting, without needless distractions.

Start by getting rid of the things which aren’t essential to your work. Keep only the things which are. Next, you should neatly file and organise your work. If you’re still storing hard copies of documents such as personal files or contracts, you want to organise them in a binder which is clearly marked and easily accessible. After you’ve rid the place of unnecessary clutter, you can decorate it with a few personal and meaningful pieces, such as photos, paintings, and natural elements.


Clear your work space of items not essential to your work

2. Let there be light

Light is essential in promoting productivity, clarity, positivity, and concentration. If you work in the dark, you’re not only harming your eyes by staring at a glaring screen, but you’re also negatively affecting your mood and focus.

Be sure to let plenty of natural light penetrate your office by installing big windows and skylights. Replace the traditional, solid door with a pixelated French door that will allow even more light into the room.


3. Be comfortable

Never underestimate the need for a comfortable workstation, meaning your desk and your chair. Your desk needs to be devoid of distractions. It also needs to be of the right height, width, and length to support all your needs and allow productivity to flow seamlessly. A height-adjustable desk is the best solution as it allows you to maintain productivity while alleviating the pressure from your hips and lower back.

Next, you need to pick your chair carefully and in accordance with your specific build. Look for a quality office chair which promotes good posture and is easily adjustable. A good chair can mean the difference between a successful day and a sore back.

4. Add natural elements

Your office needs to be vibrant and full of life. Potted plants, flowers, even furniture and pieces made of wood or stone are perfect for inspiring a productive environment.

You can decorate the corners of your office with big potted plants, such as a Fiddle Leaf or a Ficus Benjamina, while your window sill and desk can boast a vase filled with colourful flowers to create a positive ambiance.


5 office design tricks to increase productivity

5. Cancel out the noise

Finally, you want to cancel out the noise. Noise can come in many different shapes and forms. Noise is anything that affects your concentration. Take a look at the colour of your walls. Are they screaming? Is the traffic too loud or is the silence in the room deafening?

The concept of noise will be different for everyone. You need to recognise your triggers and eliminate them. You can eliminate unwanted noise by listening to music or insulating your office to be completely silent. Surround yourself with your favourite colours. Make use of a distraction-eliminating app on your computer and smartphone as well.


Final thoughts

Whether you work from home or at a commercial office, productivity is of the essence. Follow these five office design tricks to increase productivity and enjoy more focus, peace, inspiration and positivity. Small changes can pave the road to long-term success.



Arron Hiddleston is an interior design blogger from Sydney with three years of experience covering home improvement and garden renovation. He loves sharing meaningful content which educates and inspires people. He is a regular contributor to Smoothdecorator.

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  1. This was really useful. I’ve recently re-done my office space and since de-cluttering, painting the walls white and having potted plants everywhere has really helped. I feel happy and motivated. It is actually quite surprising the difference it makes!

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