Fits pump moments

One of my favourite radio segments at the moment is one delivered by two guys called Will and Woody on 101.9 FoxFM in Melbourne. It’s a segment where they celebrate the smallest and silliest “Fist Pump moments” in your day.  Fist Pump moments are of course any small, usually insignificant moments in your day where you have cause to ‘pump your fist’ in celebration.
Callers call in with moments such as – “I was sitting at my desk, I had a piece of paper to throw in the bin.  I decided to take a shot at the bin from my desk and from about 3 metres away I sunk the shot!”

Will and Woody then take great delight in playing the song ‘You’re the best around’ by Joe Esposito, the theme song from The Karate Kid movie.

I love it because it forces people to think about the small victories, about the positive moments and encourages people to be grateful for the little things.  I think we should all celebrate our daily ‘Fist pump moments’.  And the next time you have a fist pump moment to celebrate, I want you to play this song in your head.  It’s annoyingly catchy!

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