3 simple collaboration ideas for business

[Guest Post] by Beatriz Guevara — Colabora and Collaboration Hub For Women In Business

As an expert in business collaboration, I love talking to small business owners and entrepreneurs about collaboration. When I talk about this topic, I find people love the idea of working together rather than in competition. However, it’s not easy for some to come up with collaboration ideas for their business.

Here, I share with you three practical and simple collaboration ideas I have implemented in my own business. I encourage you to give these a try in your own business.


1. Invite other people to write an article for your blog

This is exactly what Lisa and I have done. After we discovered we shared a similar audience and a shared belief that working collaboratively was beneficial to business owners, she asked me to write a blog about ‘collaboration in business’. I am all about adding value to others and I loved the idea of sharing some useful tips about business collaboration.

Guest posting is a great opportunity to increase your exposure for your business and reach a broader audience. As a start-up, exposure and brand awareness are really important. Getting involved in business collaborations is an opportunity to build relationships and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs who serve a similar audience, have a similar vision or goal and share similar values.

2. Invite other entrepreneurs to be a guest speaker in your webinar, course or networking event

You are probably not an expert in every area when it comes to business. A great way to add more value to your clients is to collaborate with other businesses or entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. This is a way you can tap into someone elseโ€™s knowledge and expertise to serve your clients better.

It’s not just an opportunity to increase your own knowledge, but also to support another business while adding more value and offering broader solutions to your current and future clients.


what to say when someone says it's too expensive

3. Start a podcast or interview series

By starting a podcast or interview series, you can connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs and learn from their experience. You can shareย  knowledge with each otherโ€™s network as well.

It really is an honour to be invited to speak in a podcast or interview series. It’s a valuable way for the interviewee to position themselves as an expert in their field. For you, the podcaster or interview host, there is a benefit also. By sharing the interview or podcast to both of your networks, you achieve more exposure, increased credibility and you can create increased brand awareness.


Business Collaboration

Benefits of collaboration

As you can see, business collaboration can be a very valuable marketing tool if you’re looking to grow your business. For start-ups and small business owners looking to leverage their time, budget and resources, collaboration can be a valuable shortcut to reach a wider audience. It is also a fantastic way to add more value to your customers.

The primary purpose of collaboration is building relationships. There are many other additional benefits such as creating trust, gaining credibility, sharing knowledge, adding value, and supporting one another.

In most cases, money should not be the main driver for business collaboration. An immediate financial reward may be one of the outcomes of a successful and effective collaboration but the benefits go far and beyond a direct increase in revenue. Successful collaborations might not drive revenue in the short term but can increase your bottom line significantly in the long term.

Now you have three practical collaboration ideas you can implement in your business. What else do you need to feel confident to get started with business collaboration? Your feedback would help us serve you better. #LetsCollaborate

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30 Replies to “3 simple collaboration ideas for business”

  1. Thanks for sharing my article Lisa and for giving me a space on your blog to share my message about business collaboration. It s so rewarding to know I am adding value to a broader audience and educating more business owners and emerging entrepreneurs about the value of collaborating in business. I trust these simple collaboration ideas will help some people within your network to get started with business collaboration so they can experience all its amazing benefits themselves. Looking forward to hearing their stories and also to answer any questions they may have about this topic ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’m so pleased to share your article Beatriz! I know these tips will give business owners some great inspiration to reach out and collaborate to help them create success in their business.

  2. It’s so interesting that I came across this post. Currently, I’m collaborating with a marketing company to push my social media company and I find it more fruitful than pursuing it on my own.

  3. Great post and ideas, Im just starting a blog and this has been really inspiring, Im very controlling and love perfection but sometimes this can be so tirering!! This ideas will take me on the right direction, sometimes I run out of ideas for posts so, why dont invite a fellow blogger to cooperate with me.?.. this will deffinitely be a win-win.

    Thanks a lot, you have a new follower!

    1. Brilliant Vanessa I look forward to seeing your success with your blog. Make sure you check back in and let me know how it goes. I have a few free resources on my site that might help you. Make sure you check those out ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Lisa,
    I love reading that you suggest starting an interview podcast. I did just that 6 weeks ago, and it’s validating to see it in print as a good idea! I’d love to have you on my podcast too actually!!!! It’s about #Creativity #Technology #Productivity #Business and really about relationship building. Great post ladybug!

  5. I’m new to blogging so I love learning about new ways to expand my blog. I love that you shared someone else’s article too! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great tips, I do interviews monthly on my blog and once in a while I find someone to do a guest post. My blog is slowing getting an audience from the collaborating with other blogers.

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