A winning formula

Whether it’s winning the battle against the snooze alarm, winning the job interview race for a new role or winning a customer in business from a competitor, the need to win in life is essential. Here are my three tips for winning the race of life:

1. Conviction

When you’re in a battle, whether it’s against yourself or a competitor, your own belief in yourself and your ability is the most powerful weapon you can ever have. Your belief needs to be so strong that there is no other result possible than the one you are striving for.

2. Fire in your belly

You have to find that fire in your belly, that desire which makes you want it more than anything. You have to want it more than your fear. You have to want it more than the effort it takes. You have to be so determined that no one and nothing can stop you.

3. Do what others won’t or don’t

To rise to the highest level, you have to be prepared to do what all the others won’t. To stand out as exceptional, all you need to do is the small things that others don’t. There is only room at the top for one. Someone has to be there, so why not you?

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