21 ways to promote your business for free (eBook)

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21 ways to promote your business for free will teach you strategies to promote your business for little to no cost. Marketing your business locally doesn't have to cost huge amounts of money. Position yourself as the local leader in your field with these ideas.


Are you a small business owner with a limited marketing budget?

Marketing can be expensive. It’s time-consuming and it often feels like the return on investment is little to none. Can you relate?

I’d like to show you some of the ways you can market your small business locally for little to no cost. That’s right! There are plenty of things you can do to promote yourself and your business, for virtually nothing. All it takes is some effort and time.

Free marketing you say?

That’s right! Marketing your business locally doesn’t have to cost huge amounts of money. In fact, in my experience, some of the most effective strategies for local marketing cost nothing at all.

In my previous business, I found myself with a small budget and a big need to tell people about who I was and what I did. I had to find ways to promote my business on a shoestring.

In my ebook, I show you 21 strategies that I used successfully for over 11 years to promote my business and position myself as the local leader in my industry. These strategies really work!

Effort versus reward

All business activities require effort. Marketing, advertising and PR are no different. You must consistently tell people about your business to get the reward. It’s important to continually invest in your business, however, most small business owners don’t have the luxury of outsourcing to a professional agency.

Grab the ebook and try these strategies for yourself. You’ll find as a local business owner, many of these strategies not only help raise awareness of your business and your brand at a local level, you’ll achieve great PR results as well as the leading expert and the go to person in your field in the local area.




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