Mistake 8 — You assumed they weren’t interested

Never assume

Not everyone is ready to buy when you want them to. In fact, no customer is going to buy on your timeline! In order for the customer to buy, there has to be a compelling need and a relevant solution. But the customer also has to be ready to buy. Just because a customer recognises they have a need, doesn’t mean they are ready to buy right now. They’re going to buy when they are good an ready, and not a moment before.

Never assume!

They may just need a little time to be reassured it’s the right decision. They may need to think it over. They may need to talk to their partner about it. These delays are not a sign the sale is doomed. But if you assume they’re not interested because they didn’t buy immediately, you’re missing out on potential business.

When they’re ready

They may be ready to buy straight away. Obviously this is the best scenario for you as a business owner. But they may not be ready to buy for a week. They may not be ready to buy for a month, or a year. I’ve had clients come back to me 2 years after first making contact, to tell me they’re now ready.

The problem is, we live in a world where everything has to happen instantly. We crave instant gratification. We get the slightest bit hungry, we eat something. We get a little bit bored, we turn on the television. Business doesn’t work this way.

A customer will contact you when they recognise they have a need. But they’ll only buy from you when they’re ready. These two things rarely happen at the same time, especially in service based industries.

Here’s an example:

If someone decides they want a new deck built out the back of their house, they’ll call a builder for a quote. Will they agree to the job instantly? It would be a surprise if they did. Most likely they’ll talk it over with their partner, do some research, perhaps get another quote from a different builder. They’ll assess their options, and decide when they’re ready. They might decide to wait a few months or longer before they go ahead.

Today’s challenge is to work on your patience. Patience is important in business. Nuture the relationship you have with your customers. Continue to help them, educate them and build trust. Give them the time they need to recognise they are ready. When they are, they’ll come to you to buy.

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