Mistake 4 — You didn’t identify their need

Identify the need

There’s only one reason people buy; because they have a need. They don’t buy because you want them to. They don’t buy because you have something to sell and they definitely don’t buy because you sell something you think they should have.

They buy because they have a need or a passion to fulfill, a problem to overcome, a challenge to solve or a fear to escape from.

Not every need is the same. Sometimes the need is urgent, such as buying food to feed the family. Sometimes the need is rather superficial (a want more than a need), like buying clothes to feel better.

Want or need?

Often the distinction between want and need is not clear to the customer but the feeling is the same. The key to being more effective in sales is to uncover the customer’s need. How do you do this?

You ask questions and you listen. You let the customer talk. Stop yourself from telling the customer what you have and ask them what they need. Ask them their challenges.Uncover what they need from you to help them overcome their current problem.

People don’t buy what you have, they buy what you can do for them.

Today’s challenge is to make a list of the most common needs your ideal customers face. What challenges do they have? What are their pain points? What are their passions? What are their frustrations? What pressures are they under? What problems do they need solved?

Answer these questions in relation to the products and services you offer. Commit to using more of these types of questions and keep your focus on finding out what the customer wants from you.

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