Mistake 27 — You weren’t professional enough

Ouch that one hurts a bit. But it’s necessary for me to bring it up. There’s more to being professional than just having your own business. Being professional boosts customer confidence. It enhances your reputation and trust. It helps you in your interactions with customers.

Professionalism covers everything from how you present yourself and your business, to how you deal with customers and how you manage complaints.

Here are 10 simple habits which make you look more professional:

  1. Be on time
  2. Always be clean, neat and well presented
  3. Show confidence
  4. Be truthful
  5. Anticipate problems
  6. Show you care
  7. Demonstrate integrity
  8. Show discretion
  9. Respect boundaries
  10. Be open to learning

Today’s challenge is to give yourself a score from one to five on each of the above criteria where five is always to the highest standard and one is not at all. Be honest with yourself. Commit to working on any areas which are not up to scratch.

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