Mistake 24 — You over promised and under delivered

Yesterday we covered showing customers you care. One of the ways to do this is to deliver on more than what was promised. It’s common for businesses to do the opposite, over promise and under deliver.

Every business wants to put their best foot forward. In fact most people want to show their best side in every situation. We all have flaws, but it’s human nature to keep these hidden if possible, especially when you’re first interacting with other people. This is why singles on dating sites post their most flattering photo, even if it’s not reflecting their true day to day appearance. It’s why fast food restaurants have immaculate, plumped up, professional images of their items in commercials, when in reality, what you get is a fraction of what was promised. We’ve all been there!

Today’s challenge is to look at what you’re promising compared to what you’re delivering. Are you providing what’s promised? Are you going above and beyond? Is there any time during your interactions with customers when you or your staff might be under delivering.

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