Mistake 15 — You tried to convince them

Manipulate or inspire?

Oh I’m cringing at the thought. Trying to convince someone will never work. Avoid this approach at all cost!

There are only two ways to help someone buy. You can manipulate them (yuck) or you can inspire them.

Trying the convincing method is manipulation. No one likes to be manipulated. It’s creepy. It’s cringe worthy. It’s painful to be on the receiving end of. It makes you sound desperate (go back to Mistake 10).

If you want to consistently succeed in sales, you must inspire. You must genuinely want to help solve your customer’s challenges and create a positive difference in their lives.

Today’s challenge is to stop telling customers about what you have. For the next two weeks, the only time you’re allowed to mention the features and benefits of your products or services is in response to a direct question from the customer. Even then, try and ask them more about what they want and need before you tell them anything about what you have.

Instead, if you have to talk about yourself or your products, discuss how you can solve their challenge, rather than about the product. Remember people don’t buy your product or service, they buy the solution.

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