Mistake 12 — You didn’t ask enough questions

Yesterday I encouraged you to be aware of talking less and listening more. I encouraged you to think about asking open ended questions instead of closed questions to get the customer talking more.

Even if you ask a few great open ended questions, you may find you still didn’t ask enough questions to uncover the information you need to help the customer buy.

There’s a fine line to tread!

Remember for your customer to be able to buy, you must not only know their need, but you must also be able identify how important that need is. If you uncover a need which turns out to be not that important, you must keep asking more questions. If you don’t enough enough questions when required, you won’t get the sale.

Today’s challenge is to start creating your own catalogue of open questions. These need to be practiced so they roll off your tongue and feel genuine for you to ask. Having a catalogue of questions you have practiced and can draw on in the moment, makes the task of keeping the customer talking much easier.

You have the list of questions from yesterday. Start adding your own to this list and highlight the ones most relevant to your business. Practice! Work on striking the balance between getting the customer talking and you asking enough questions to uncover the information you need.

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