Mistake 1 — You’re talking to the wrong people

To make sales you need customers!

So we’re starting with the obvious to kick off our 28 day challenge. To make sales you need customers coming into your business. Hands up if you’d like more customers?

Ok great!

Remember, this challenge is all about tackling the common mistakes made in sales. I’ve been selling for over 30 years and I’ve seen every mistake and made every mistake in the book. Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve been determined to study what is going on when people contact a business and then don’t buy. I’ve watched and listened to thousands of business owners, read everything there is to read, taken dozens of courses and webinars and training sessions. The same patterns started to emerge and the same mistakes started to become obvious.

I want to save you 30 years of frustration by teaching you what I’ve learnt and how to prevent these mistakes from weighing down your business. So let’s begin.

The first reason more people aren’t buying from you is because you’re talking to the wrong people. The key to getting more customers is talking to less people.

What? You must be crazy I hear you say!

I’m quite serious. You need to narrow your net and make sure you’re talking to less people, but more of the right type of people. This is what is referred to as a niche audience, target audience or your ideal customer. Every successful business knows exactly who their ideal customer is and they speak directly to that person in everything they do.

In fact, your ideal customer will determine the direction of your entire business from the products and services that you offer, to your strategic planning, to your marketing campaigns.

Your ideal customer is the person whose needs fit perfectly with your solution. They are the person who buys from you again and again. They see huge value in what you are selling. They are raving fans of your business and they tell all their friends about what you do. They are the people who love what you offer. You love working with them. You find it easy to help them and solve their problems. They really appreciate the value you bring. Your ideal customer is the one who is a great fit for your business. If you could wave a magic wand, you would fill your business with this type of person.

Do you already have customers like this? What if you could build your entire customer base full of more people just like this? Well you can! You just have to work out exactly who they are and start speaking to them!

Today‚Äôs challenge is to define your ideal customer. The clearer you are with regards to your ideal customer, the more effective your marketing efforts will be and the more success you will have with conversions. You’ll attract the type of customers who are not only easier to convert, but will come back again and again and will refer new customers to you as well.

The type of criteria to think about when identifying your ideal customer:

  • gender
  • age
  • family status
  • kids or no kids
  • household income
  • education level
  • occupation
  • employment status
  • location
  • buying habits
  • current challenges
  • fears and pain points
  • previous experience with similar products / service

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